User panel (cat.№ 1033)

Артикул: EYB253F202
Наименование: User panel (cat.№ 1033)
Производитель: Sauter

EYB 250...256: room operating unit for ecos EYE

The room operating units of the EYB 25x series are part of the EY3600 ecos family of systems. From the simple room-temperature sensor to the comprehensive room operating unit with LCD, they enable the user to match the indoor conditions to his own particular needs. Used in conjunction with one of the EYE 200 to 206 intelligent unitary controllers (with communication capability), they enable the user to control the indoor temperature. Depending on the version used, it is possible to adjust the setpoint for the room temperature, set the operating mode as a function of the occupancy levels, and activate a three-speed ventilator.

Technical description

  • Power supply: via EYE
  • Measuring range of sensor: 0...40 °C
  • Connection: 3-wire (4-wire)
  • Max. length of cable: 100 m


Fitting Instructions / Инструкция по Монтажу

  • EYB250?254      (505448 033 N11)

  • Materialdeclarations / Декларация о материалах

  • EYB250-256      (7194250003)

  • Various Documents / Различные Документы

  • Sauter's operating units can be as varied as the rooms themselves      (70010650003)

  • Data sheets / Спецификация

  • EYB 250?256: ecos, Room operating unit for individual-room controllers      (7194250003)

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