Three-way flanged valvePN40;DN15;Kvs=220 (cat.№ 0852)

Артикул: BUS125F305
Наименование: Three-way flanged valvePN40;DN15;Kvs=220 (cat.№ 0852)
Производитель: Sauter

BUS: Three-way flanged valve, PN 40

How energy efficiency is improved / Как улучшается энергоэффективность
Accurate control with high reliability.

Areas of application / Области применения
Continuous control of cold/warm/hot water, water vapour and air in HVAC systems, in closed networks. Water quality as per VDI 2035. Assembly with AVP 242 to AVP 244 actuators as a regulating unit.

Properties / Свойства

  • Nominal pressure 40 bar
  • Control valve contains no silicone grease; matt black
  • Nominal diameters DN15 to DN150
  • Linear control passage characteristic DN15 to DN100
  • Equal percentage control passage characteristic DN125 to DN150
  • Linear mixing passage characteristic
  • With the spindle retracted, the valve is closed
  • Can only be used as control valve
  • Temperature range up to 220В°C
  • Version with bellows down to -60В°C, version with graphite seal up to 260В°C

Technical description / Техническое описание

  • Valve with flange connection as per EN 1092-2, Form B raised face
  • Cast steel valve body
  • Stainless steel valve seat
  • Stainless steel spindle
  • Stainless steel plug
  • Maintenance-free stainless steel stuffing box with spring-loaded PTFE washer

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